Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

How we teach


At Oasis MediaCityUK, high quality Teaching and Learning underpins all we do.

It is our commitment to provide an exceptional climate for learning and great pedagogy - making focused learning the foundation of every lesson.  As an academy and across the trust, the breadth and wealth of research has been studied and used to develop a consistent approach to how we tech lessons.  We call this the “MediaCity Lesson”.

It all hinges on the next three ideas….

1.     Working memory and the importance of a knowledge-based curriculum.

2.     Cognitive load

3.     Direct instruction

It is these linchpins upon which our lessons are planned.  Each MediaCity lesson includes the same three components: 


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The Do Now:

The “Do now” activity starts every lesson.  It ensures lessons start promptly and in a structured manner. Students are asked to recall prior knowledge which helps remember key knowledge.  The “Do Now” looks like this:




The next part of the lesson is called the “I do, We do, You do”.

“I do, We do, You do”

This involves our subject specialist teachers delivering new knowledge followed by a cycle of guided practice which supports students as they move towards becoming confident, independent learners. It includes the following components:

“I Do”  Teacher exposition

Teacher explains key knowledge & concepts to the class in a way that is memorable and comprehensible to young minds.


“We Do”  Teacher guided practice

Teacher shows students how they will apply their learning.   Using examples to introduce, analyse or model great learning.


“You Do”  Student mastery

Teacher facilitates completion of task(s), checks for misconceptions and differentiate work accordingly for either individuals, groups or whole class.  Ongoing assessment is used to judge the effectiveness of teaching to support future planning. 





Our lessons always finish with a plenary activity which allows both teachers and students to celebrate what they have learnt and reflect on their next steps. 

How we mark our books

Student’s books are marked routinely to ensure they receive personal feedback which will help them improve. 

During each marking window, teachers write written feedback in green pen in the form of:

·        What went well (what students have mastered)

·        Personalised individual targets for each student, direct from assessments where applicable (what the students need to do to improve)

·        Growth task, which must be linked to targets and assessments where applicable

In addition to this, presentation and SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) are marked in every subject as high levels of literacy are important in every subject.

Some examples of what this looks like are: