Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

World Book Day 2022

World Book Day 2022
Owen McGrattan

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of World Book Day students at OAMC were greeted by their favorite fictional characters. On World Book Day, whether you are dressing up as your favorite character or picking up a best-loved book today, it’s a great chance to promote the benefits of reading for all... and we did exactly that. 

Throughout the day we ran mini competitions to encourage creative writing. Here are just some of the amazing pieces written by students. 

Eshal A - Year 7

The wonder of books

Books books oh wonderful books,

Don’t judge me by my looks,

Once you peek inside you will soon discover,

That you are hooked!


Books books oh wonderful books,

You’ll be shook by the variety of books!

You might discover that the king is a crook!

And some books might be even gobbledygook!


Books books oh wonderful books,

Oh I wonder what the wonders of books are.



Year 8

Alexis B, Jaimeleigh T and Soraya J

'The Matilda Poem'

Miss Honey told us to write our poem

Whilst Miss Trunchable probably shouts them

She swings someone round by their plaits

She thinks that all children are rats

Matildas mother and father are absolute fakes

To keep herself happy she makes pancakes

Whilst her family sits and eats a TV dinner

Matilda goes alone and makes herself a winner

Her magical powers make her sparkle and shine

Miss Honey is there to make Matilda feel just fine


Year 11

Daniel Gbolagun

Killed the “chicks” of the Thane of Thife Macbeth with his evil and “dear wife” It was “foul” and it wasn’t “fair” But “noble Macbeth” did not care

Now seen as “Devilish” by his foil Whilst the witches chant “double” and “toil” The root and Father of many kings That’s the threat that fleance brings

She cries to be unsexed here She cries for her feminine features to disappear He calls on the “stars to hide their fires “ So he’s “black and deep desires” Are hidden from light He saw a dagger at night Which constantly stayed in his sight And despite him knowing it was wrong He still went back to the witches as they sang their song


These are just a snippet of the amazing work done on World Book Day. A huge thank you to #TeamEnglish for all your hard work in setting up for the day. Until next year.